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What are some important trigonometry concepts?

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What is Trigonometry? Ask our best experts

Trigonometry is the measurement of triangles. Coming from the Greek trigonon (triangle) and metron (measure), it concerns itself solely with mathematical equations and problems revolving around triangles.

What good is this stuff anyway?

Trigonometry is an important branch of math because it allows us to find out distances and angles, as well as having significant applications in science, engineering and all kinds of other fields. It is easily one of the most practical forms of math around!

What kinds of triangles are there anyway? This can help with your assignment

There are 6 triangles, all differing depending on sides and angles.

Scalene Triangles

These triangles have three different side lengths and three different angles within them.

Isosoles Triangle

This triangle has two identical side lengths and two identical angles

Equilateral Triangle

All three sides are the same length, and all the angles within them are the same as well.

Acute Triangle

All the angles in this triangle are less than 90 degrees

Right Triangle

This triangle has one 90 degree angle

Obtuse Triangle

This triangle has one angle that is greater than 90 degrees

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