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What is statistics?

Statistics is a mathematical field that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of all kinds of different data. It is used to survey a wide range of things to come to conclusions or consensus about a given subject. It is used to make informed decisions about all kinds of topics, derived from material that is condensed and analyzed.

What kinds of data are there?

Measurement Data

Also called Quantitative data, this represents data derived at by using an instrument to measure something (like height, weight, etc).

Categorical Data

Also called frequency or qualitative data, this grouping is based according to common properties of the members of the group, then recorded

What is a variable?

Any object or event that can take on numerous values is referred to as a variable. The category ‘cat’ can break down into the variables “color” “size” “fur length” and so on.

Why use graphs?

Graphs are useful because they visually represent patterns and information and are easily digested. There are numerous kinds of graphs, all which aid the acquisition of knowledge in different ways.

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