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Portuguese is a fascinating language. The official language of countries like Portugal, Brazil, Angola, and more, Portuguese is spoken widely around the world and across many cultures. Despite its European heritage, Portuguese is the number one language in South America, most notably in Brazil. Worldwide, there are about 215 million individuals who speak the language natively, and another 45 million who speak Portuguese as a second language.

Portuguese belongs to the group of Ibero-Romance languages. Like any language, Portuguese has its own unique grammar, vocabulary, slang, and idioms. The language has many similarities to other European languages like Spanish, French, and Italian. Learning Portuguese is a challenge; nasal vowels, the letter R, and unusual H sounds can make the language challenging for English speakers.

Learning a new language is always challenging. Whatever your reason for taking Portuguese classes in Australia, whether you’re completing your undergraduate degree in Portuguese studies, enrolled in graduate studies, or need the class for credit towards another degree completely, you’re bound to have a challenging assignment at some point. If you find yourself wondering, “Who can do my Portuguese assignment?”, then you’re in the right place. At, we’re experts at helping students complete top-notch assignments.

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