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Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on a tutor when you could invest in a service that does the assignment for you? That's what is all about. From Brisbane to Melbourne, across to Perth, and everywhere else in our country, our services are available to students.

So why us?

Trusted by students from top Australian universities

We've worked with students at all years throughout their educational careers. Some students go on to complete master's and doctorate degrees. The fields of study range from the social sciences to hard sciences, law to medical, new and old. If you are reading this, we can help you.

There are no credentials for telling whether you should seek our help or not. Often we hear that students simply lack sufficient time to complete their assignments. Others inform us that they are uninterested in the material and would prefer to delegate the work to someone else. Still others are unsteady in the material but want to learn, and understand that a service like ours has the added benefit of transmitting the knowledge from writer to client.

We are trusted by students who have returned to use our services again from top universities in Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra, among other cities.

We do not credit our success and that of our clients to luck. Our business is planned and well-executed, but it's no secret why students use us.

Let it be known: we have a top homework helper for you

The secret, if there is one at all, is that we trust your assignment to a qualified individual. We put new applicants who want to write for us through a series of tests:

  • CV: Like any job, we have high standards when it comes to previous online experience. We won't bring on new writers simply because they're native English speakers, although that is a prerequisite. We want to see years of experience dealing directly with stakeholders in need of assignment help.
  • Sample: Can you write? That's one of the main questions we ask of new applicants. They need to prove their capacity for academic writing, which means more than just fancy wordsmithing. It precludes the ability to cite using standard academic guidelines (APA, MLA, etc.). We look to make sure structure is powerful and supports the hypothesis of a sample; and we make sure that originality plays a key role.
  • Personality: Though our homework help is not centered on interaction, it is centered on you, the client. If you choose to take advantage of our open setting to interact with the writer, that's your prerogative, and so we make sure each new applicant can present themselves in such a way that a client will be comfortable communicating with them. We conduct phone interviews to ensure this.

Is homework help online free?

Beware of claims of free help. There's a catch. Our business, on the other hand, is based on transparency. With us you know what you're getting from day one. We don't pair you with whomever we want. Rather, we present qualified individuals to you once we understand your assignment, and from these people you choose who you want to work with. This ensures that you can review their credentials for yourself. We have effective, quick homework help for those who recognize a good thing when they see it. Our service is not free, but it is cheap. As we've mentioned before, we work with students at top Australian schools, so we know the expectations that are coupled with any given assignment.

What are those expectations? For one thing, Australian colleges have zero tolerance for plagiarism, and so do we. We include a free plagiarism scan to back up our claims. To further allay any fears you may have about hiring our company, we safeguard your name so that no one outside our service knows that you hired us. This includes a smokescreen that protects your name from whomever you'll be working with online at The unspoken assumption is that the copy will be authentic. Allow us to emphasize this point by saying that we guarantee originality not just in words but also in ideas. Australia standards are significantly high on the world stage, and we always aim above them.

Anything you need, we provide

You get to choose the writer, and communicate with them throughout the lifespan of the project. Homework help online has never been this accessible. Before, you'd just pay someone to do the work and wait to receive it. With our set-up, you wield control over the process, and thereby make your mark on the work itself. Unlimited revisions let you not only guide the professional, but learn from them when they push back to explain what they're doing. In the end, we're the best because we provide perspective while you retain ultimate say-so.

If you're a student in Australia, consider investing in our services. You can't always expect to be able to complete a school project satisfactorily if time is limited. Think of it this way: you know you'll eventually get the assignment done, so why not hire a bit of help to get you where you're already expecting to arrive on your own. Don't succumb to the redundancy of so much academic baggage. Share the load with us, and we promise that we'll get you there cheap and fast, without losing out on quality.