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The most important things to understand when you need algebra homework help is that there are some terms you need to understand before you get started. Every teacher is looking for understanding about these basic concepts and the information below will help you understand how to complete beginner algebra assignments. When you come to us and ask us to “do my algebra homework for me,” here are the basic concepts we will rely on.

Why use a letter? I thought this was math!

The reason you use letters in algebra isn’t to confuse you! It’s to represent missing or unknown values. Imagine there is a blank box there instead if you need to. The letter isn’t literal! Every letter you see in any algebraic equation simply means “this is something we don’t know yet.”

What order do I do work in?

PEMDAS/BEDMAS are the proper order of operations for any problem. They stand for Parentheses (Brackets), Exponents, Division/Multiplication, Addition/Subtraction. This is how you work on problems like 2+2(4x5) = X.

Why do I need to do this?

Algebra is the aspect of math that puts an emphasis on problem solving. By using logic to find unknown values, you’ll be able to find solutions to the problems you’re facing! If you think about it abstractly, algebra is a life skill that’s important to the understanding of how logic works.

What is a Term?

A term is a piece of Algebra that is an expression that involves letters and/or numbers, which are then multiplied together (like 10y).

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