What we do

We help students across Australia with their college homework, term papers, dissertations, and anything else that they may need. Our purpose is to deliver meaningful work that surges from one-on-one interaction with students. We believe that the best papers require three principle things:

  • Expertise: We only hire experts in academic fields who prove their ability to write. Chemistry papers are written by chemistry experts, and so on.
  • Critical thinking: Expertise in writing and a discipline must be complemented by requisite capacity for critical thought. Original papers demand creativity in this regard.
  • Direction: Our Australian clients are best served when they're part of the process itself. Our writers adhere to client input whenever clients wish to give it.

This is how we create solid, dependable copy for students in any degree program, and at any level of study.

Who we are

We work in Australia because we know that our service belongs in the highest echelons of academic scholarship. Let us tell you a bit about who we are.

Our company is called assignmentmasters.com.au. It was founded several years ago, and since then has delivered thousands of successful projects to students from Brisbane to Sydney, across to Perth and everywhere in between. But who we are is important because we did not merely launch into this industry on a whim; we're born of it.

Our founders were students in university. They began helping peers with writing assignments. No matter the material in question, they were able to deliver exceptional work that rang true in any ear. They realized that by coupling this talent for adaptability in writing with a structure that places the client's need at center, they had a powerful business model.

Once finished with school, assignmentmasters.com.au was launched. To this day, we adhere to the creed of one-on-one, customized attention, expert talent, and guaranteed quality.

How we've evolved over the years

A good business recognizes patterns. Though we had a great model to start, we have been open to the feedback of our clientele, ready and willing to adapt to new circumstance. As we've grown, we've been able to refine our methods to deliver ever more impressive papers to our Australian clientele.

Today, we make three main guarantees. First, we have a money-back guarantee. Second, we guarantee authentic copy that is plagiarism-free. Third, we guarantee the confidentiality of each client's personal information.

When clients work with our company, they gain access to 24/7 customer support, something that we've been able to build in conjunction with regular successes. We let clients choose the writing professional with whom they'll work. And each client retains full access to this person throughout the process. We hire native English speakers who have proven their academic writing abilities, communication skills, and their records for helping students succeed.

Discounts allow us to offer cheap services to students without detriment to the product itself. We pride ourselves on excellence, and hope that you'll see what we know to be true: we're the best online writing help available.